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Sign up now for the CV Workshop at SAMLA 86! You may access the forms page above or by clicking this link


draft of samla 86 schedule now available

 "Draft 1.8" of the 2014 conference schedule is now posted: click here. Further corrections and revisions will be incorporated in the next draft, which will be posted on 9/24/14.


Member Book Display update

We are happy to announce that the registration form for the member book display is now live on our website. You can access the form by pointing your mouse to the conference tab and then hovering over speakers and events. Alternatively, you can also follow this link


SAMLA News Volume 34 now available

SAMLA is pleased to announce the publication of the latest SAMLA News. Members can download their PDF version by following this link.


Resources Content: Professional Development Seminar Videos and CFP - Databases now Available

As part of our efforts to provide professional resources for our members, we are happy to announce that the first of three videos featuring last year's professional development seminars is now live on our website. Members can access this page either by following this link, or by accessing the "Professional Development" link under the "Resources" tab. The "Resources" tab now also includes a link to CFP-databases dedicated to helping our members to find and share CFPs. This page can also be found here.


SAMLA 86: "Sustainability and the Humanities" / Speakers

In connection with the theme of SAMLA 86, "Sustainability and the Humanities," we are excited to announce that our SAMLA 86 "Speakers and Events" page now features information about this year's main speakers, American novelist and essayist Wendell Berry and Dr. Ursula K. Heise from UCLA. The page can either be accessed via the drop-down menu from the "Conference" header or via this link.

SAR Updates


SAR 77.1 With the recent publication of v 76.4, South Atlantic Review looks forward to the publication of our next issue: SAR v77.1. This special issue will be guest-edited by SAMLA Past President, Dr. Nancy Hargrove. The theme reflects the SAMLA 84 conference theme: "The Power of Poetry in the Modern World."


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