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SAMLA 87 – In Concert: Literature and the Other Arts
Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
Durham, North Carolina 
November 13
–15, 2015

From Sappho with her barbitos, to the gloriously illuminated Book of Kells, to the Troubadours of the High Middle Ages, on up through William Blake and his alchemical etchings, Lewis Carroll's controversial photographic portraits of children, Carl Sandburg's folk music, James Baldwin and Ray Charles' unlikely collaboration at Carnegie Hall on July 1, 1973, and all the way up to William S. Burrough's shotgun splatter painting, writers have never been content to make art solely out of words. The humanities in general have always been markedly multidisciplinary. The academy, too, has generally sought to accommodate, foster, and inspire multidisciplinary creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration by incorporating studio programs, MFA degrees, and hybrid cross-disciplinary majors of all sorts. Digital technology and the Internet, in particular, seem to provide a concrete realization of Hermann Hesse's "the glass bead game"– art as quintessential multidisciplinary game playing. For SAMLA 87, presenters are invited to consider the myriad connections between literature and the other arts – painting, sculpture, photography, book making, music, dance, film, architecture, and the like.

All participants will be required to have a conference year (2015–16) SAMLA membership and to register for the conference. Chairs must complete membership by June 19. In order to be listed in the program, panelists' membership must be paid by August 31. 

SAMLA Conference

Members who wish to chair a Special Session may submit a Call for Papers/Special Session Proposal form indicating their session title, chosen topic, and CFP language using the online CFP/Special Session Proposal. Chairs of Regular Sessions or Affiliated Groups may also submit the same CFP/Special Session Proposal.

Session Chairs must submit a complete Session Information Form by June 26. 

SAMLA 87 at Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Conference Center

2015 SAMLA News is now available. Besides messages from SAMLA President Jim Clark and SAMLA’s new Executive Director Elizabeth West, the SAMLA News contains reflections on SAMLA 86, information on SAMLA 87, and good news about the progress of the South Atlantic Review. This issue also introduces new staff at SAR and SAMLA and offers a preliminary list of Calls for Papers for SAMLA 87. 

South Atlantic Review

77.3–4 (a combination issue) 

cover of SAR 77.3-4

Special thanks for preparing this issue to interim SAR editor Rafael Ocasio and the previous managing editor of the journal, Matthew Sansbury, along with their editorial team and the SAMLA staff at Georgia State

CFP Special Issue of South Atlantic Review: 
"Black Transnationalism and the Discourse(s) of Cultural Hybridity"
Guest Editors,
Kameelah L. Martin, Savannah State University
Donald M. Shaffer, Mississippi State University