2016 SAMLA Award Winners

SAMLA Studies Awards
Monograph – Jennifer Ann Ho

Racial Ambiguity in Asian American Culture

Honorable Mention
Monograph – Cody Marrs
Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Long Civil War

Edited Volume – Murray Pomerance and R. Barton Palmer
George Cukor: Hollywood Master


Graduate Student Creative Writing Awards
For the inaugural year this award will be given for both Poetry and Prose.
In subsequent years the categories will alternate (Poetry in 2017, Prose in 2018).

Poetry – Scott Chalupa, University of South Carolina

 Honorable Mentions
Maxwell McDonough, Vanderbilt University
Joshua Martin, Georgia State University

Prose – Aracelis Gonzalez Asendorf, University of South Florida 

Honorable Mentions
Brian Heston, Georgia State University
Renee M. Ramsey, University of Southern Mississippi


Graduate Student Essay Award
Cheryl Emerson, University of Buffalo         
"My skin is black upon me": Toni Morrison's A Mercy and the Question of a Female Job
Presented in Voices: Orchestration, Dissonance, and Double Discourse in Multi-Ethnic Literature
Chair: Gema Ortega, Dominican University 


George Mills Harper Graduate Student Travel Fund Award

Elizabeth Swails, University of Georgia    
“Send a little flower: Emily Dickinson's Expression of Sympathy during the Civil War”
To be presented in Dystopic Dickinson. Or is it Utopic Dickinson? 

Honorable Mentions
Shayani Bhattacharya, State University of New York at Buffalo
"Inside/Outside Losing My Head: Liminal Bodies in Shelley Jackson's Half-Life"    
To be presented in The Dystopian/Utopian Body I 

Jessica Williams, Savanah College of Art and Design
“Public Masculinity, Private Queerness: Staged Masculinity in Stars' Homes”
To be presented in Performing Gender: Cultural Ideals, Expectations,
and Representations of Gender in American and British Culture


SAR Essay Prize – Volumes 78–79

As the South Atlantic Review has returned to a regular production schedule, SAMLA is pleased to resume regular presentation of the SAR Essay Prizes. We will be presenting prizes for Volumes 78 and 79 this year and for Volumes 80 and 81 at SAMLA 89 in Atlanta in November of 2017.

Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Florida State University
Kathleen Blake Yancey, Florida State University
Matthew Davis, University of Massachusetts Boston
Katherine T. Bridgman, Texas A&M University
"Program Sustainability:
Curricular Resilience in Florida State University´s Editing, Writing, and Media Concentration."

Martin Sturges, St. Lawrence University
“A Deep Map of the South: Natural History, Cultural History, and William Bartram’s Travels”