SAMLA is governed through a system of officers and committees in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws. Below you will find specific information regarding the Officers and Executive Committee as well as SAMLA’s other committees. Please select the respective category to learn more, including specific committee information and current rosters.

Officers and Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of SAMLA made up of four officers, six representatives from the membership, the editor of South Atlantic Review, and the executive director. The committee meets in the fall and spring each year, but remains in contact regarding SAMLA throughout the year. For more information regarding the duties of the Officers and Executive Committee, please see the Constitution and Bylaws.

SAMLA Committees

SAMLA contains various committees, each with respective duties to the organization. These committees are either provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws or created by the Executive Committee. For more information, please see each respective committee page.