SAMLA History

Founded in 1928, SAMLA has a rich and expansive history. Its diverse and vast membership can testify to the many happenings within the organization over its existence.

Below you will find portions of SAMLA’s history as recounted by some of its distinguished members:

South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 1928-78: A Brief History
Clifford Lyons, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A Brief History of SAMLA
Donald Kay, University of South Carolina
History of SAMLA, 1984-89
Siegfried Mews, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
History of SAMLA, 1990-94
Robert Bell, The University of Alabama
History of SAMLA, 1996-98
Richard J. Finneran, University of Tennessee

If you have any questions about or corrections to these historical records,
please contact the SAMLA office by email.