web banner for SAMLA 90: General Call for Papers

 Click here to submit to the General Call for Papers.

SAMLA is again pleased to offer prospective participants the opportunity to submit abstracts to a General Call for Papers.  The General Call for Papers will be used to build programming from accepted abstracts that did not resonate with any of our currently published CFPs.

Abstracts will be reviewed internally, and accepted abstracts will either be placed on an already extant panel or combined with other General Call abstracts to create new sessions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee acceptance and placement, though we will work earnestly and diligently to place all abstracts.

Although there is no proscription against submitting multiple abstracts, all participants are reminded that only one traditional paper may be presented at any SAMLA conference. 

Submissions to the General Call for Papers will be accepted through July 13, 2018.

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