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SAMLA 92 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Membership & Registration

Q: For an online conference, do I still need to pay membership dues and conference registration fees?
A: Yes, membership and registration are both required for participation and attendance of our online conference. While we have maintained current membership prices, we have significantly reduced registration costs at all levels. 

Q: What are the deadlines for membership dues?
A: Chairs should pay their membership dues by August 3. Panelists and Attendees should pay their membership dues by September 7. If you require an extension on these deadlines, please contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you.

Q: What is the deadline for conference registration?
A: Attendees and Participants can pay their registration through Sunday, November 15, but we ask that Attendees and Participants complete their conference registration payments no later than Monday, November 9. On that date, SAMLA will be exporting its list of paid registrants to Accelevents so that they can issue Event Tickets to those people, and Accelevents have requested a window of time to upload that list. After November 9, uploading paid registrants will be handled by the SAMLA team and Event Tickets will be issued in individual emails from the SAMLA staff office. While everyone who registers will receive a ticket, paying earlier will ensure no event access delays.

Q: When will I be able to access the event website?
A: The SAMLA 92 event website will go live at 7:00am EST on Friday, November 13, with the first track of panels beginning at 9:00am EST. After 7:00am EST on Friday, November 13, attendees with an Event Ticket will be able to log-in to the event website at any time throughout the weekend until the event closes after the final track of panels on Sunday, November 15.

Online Conference Format

Q: What is Accelevents?
A: Accelevents is an event platform software provider. Through Accelevents, we are building a navigable SAMLA 92 event webpage that is accessible to all paid registrants. Please click here for a training document put together by our staff. The PDF includes a link to a training video with relevant annotations and information.

Q: How will I access SAMLA 92?
A: This video from Accelevents will walk you through the basics of accessing the event webpage after receiving your Event Ticket. You can also click here for more information. When you enter the Virtual Event Hub after receiving your ticket, you will have multiple places to go. On the left-hand side of the page, you will find your Navigation Menu. The "Stage" button will lead you to the studio for our major events such as the Presidential Address, Business Meeting, Award Ceremony, and Plenary Address. The "Session" will lead you to the 180 panels we are hosting throughout the weekend. The "Expo" button will lead you to the Exhibitors Hall. Finally, the "People" button will allow you to connect to other SAMLA attendees via one-on-one videos. The link provided will walk you through the steps of setting up these meetings. This is an excellent way to socialize with friends and colleagues over the course of the weekend. The Virtual Event Hub will also let you access the "Lobby" where SAMLA staff will post any important updates.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: Along with a stable internet connection, you will need a camera and microphone accessible by Accelevents' native video software. These can either be internal or external devices. This link will help you troubleshoot any issues with your microphone and video you might have.

Q: What will the SAMLA 92 schedule look like?
A: SAMLA 92 will be scheduled just like past conferences. It will feature 12 concurrent tracks of panels, running from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. 

Q: How will SAMLA 92 panels operate?
A: SAMLA 92 panels will run for 90 minutes (with 15-minute breaks in-between panels). Every member of the panel (Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Panelists) will be viewable via Accelevents native video streaming software. Panelists will have the opportunity to share their screens if they have a PowerPoint or Prezi, and they will also be able to upload PDF files downloadable by audience members if they have documents they would like to share. Please click here for more information from Accelevents regarding presenting with their platform. Panelists will not be uploading previously recorded videos of their presentations. All presentations will be given live.

Q: How do I access my panel?
A: Panel links will be distributed to panelists when their information is migrated from SAMLA's databases into the back-end of the SAMLA 92 Accelevents site. Each panelist will receive a link to their panel's studio, accessible ten minutes prior to the beginning of the panel. SAMLA will notify conference presenters prior to that information upload. 

Q: How will session chairs handle Q&A?
A: While all members of a panel will be visible, audience members will be hidden and muted. Audience members can submit questions to the chair via the text-based chat on the right-hand side of the screen. Chairs will then read these questions to their panelists during the designated Q&A period. 

Q: Are panels recorded?
A: Yes, sessions are recorded. Panels will be made available On Demand during the conference weekend to conference attendees only with the consent of the panels' participants. SAMLA will not download any panel recordings for distribution unless a panel requests the material for the benefit of its own participants. 

Q: Will there be technical support?
A: Yes. Members of both SAMLA's staff and Accelevent's staff will be available throughout the conference weekend for technical support.

Q: Will there still be Special Events? 
A: The Presidential Address, Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony, and Plenary Address are still scheduled for SAMLA 92. 

Schedule, Program Advertisements, & Exhibitor Hall

Q: How can I access the SAMLA 92 schedule?
A: The SAMLA 92 schedule will be accessible both on our Accelevents event webpage and on our website as a downloadable PDF of our traditional conference program.

Q: Can I still buy a program advertisement?
A: Yes! Not only will we still be designing a conference program as a downloadable, full-colour PDF hosted on SAMLA's website, but advertisements will also be placed throughout the Accelevents event webpage. The advertising spaces on the event webpage will be clickable links directing attendees to the advertised content. For more information about SAMLA 92 Program Ads, please click here.

Q: Will SAMLA 92 have exhibitors?
A: Yes! As a virtual event platform, Accelevents offers an online Exhibitor Hall. Registered Exhibitors will receive an Event Ticket and will be able to customize their booths. Please click here for step-by-step instructions from Accelevents. Additionally, Exhibitors will be able to schedule video meetings with attendees. For more information about live-streaming as an Exhibitor, please click hereImportant: Come November, Exhibitors will be using Accelevents' native video streaming software and not Zoom, so please ignore Zoom instructions. We will update this page with information about the native video streaming software once that is made available to us.

Please send any additional questions to [email protected].