SAR Essay Prize: Volume 80

The Volume 80 SAR Essay Prize Committee is pleased to announce the V. 80 winning essay: 

Winner: Mark Osteen’s “Alfred in Wonderland:  Hitchcock Through the Looking Glass” Vol. 80. Issue 3-4. 

The committee's citation reads:

Among the strong essays included in Volume 80 of the South Atlantic Review, Mark Osteen’s essay really made a mark on the committee.  Osteen has produced an elegantly-written, well researched essay that is as engaging as it is thoughtful. Specifically, Dr. Osteen’s essay offers an original reading of Hitchcock’s films as influenced by Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, drawing on psychoanalytic theory and substantial research to demonstrate how Hitchcock draws on Carroll’s tropes and motifs to construct his films. His discussion of these connections is exciting in its originality and its breadth.  The essay, as one reader phrased it, makes clear connections between Hitchcock and Carroll that had not been considered but now seem completely obvious.  That is the best kind of interpretation one can offer.

Honorable Mention: Kamilla Elliott’s “Unfilmable Books” Vol. 80. Issue 3-4.

The committee's citation reads:

Dr. Kamilla Elliott’s essay also garnered much praise among the outstanding essays of Volume 80 of the South Atlantic Review. Elliott offers a provocative response to the fascinating question of what constitutes an unfilmable book, interrogating the notion of unfilmability on formal, aesthetic, and ideological grounds in a manner that challenges traditional views of adaptation and the boundaries between text and film.   The essay also rates high in the originality of its argument, the extensiveness of its research, and the accessibility of its prose and its ideas. The essay, in short, is well-researched and well-written, and it makes an insightful contribution to existing scholarship.  

South Atlantic Review publishes four issues annually: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The SAR Essay Prize Committee reviews the issues from the year prior to the annual convention and selects one essay to recognize for exceptional scholarship and its contribution to the journal.

The author(s) of the selected essay receives a $500 honorarium and complimentary registration to attend the annual SAMLA Conference. 

Nominations for this award are not required – all SAR essays published within the prize year are considered for the award.

Please contact Dan Abitz at [email protected] or 404.413.5816 with any questions.