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Undergraduate Research Forum

The Undergraduate Research Forum (URF) will be an integral part of SAMLA 91. As in previous years, undergraduate students will be able to present papers in the traditional conference format, with the added benefit of an informed response to both their content and presentation skills: an experienced SAMLA member will serve as Respondent for each URF session. 

Participants in the Undergraduate Research Forum will also be eligible for the Undergraduate Essay Prize. The winner will receive a $100 honorarium; complimentary registration for the SAMLA 92 conference in Jacksonville, Florida; and publication of the winning paper in the next issue of SAMLA News.  

The conference registration fee for undergraduates is $40 per student. Current SAMLA membership is a prerequisite for conference registration. Although the membership fee is waived for undergraduate students, they should fill out either a New Membership or Membership Renewal form for the conference year.

Please contact Dan Abitz at [email protected] with any questions. 

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